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Queer Tales is a verbatim piece of theatre that shares stories of LGBT+ people, past and present, from West Wales with music composed by Phoebe Osborne. My collaboration with Phoebe aims to weave personal experiences with music and movement to tell stories, to inspire empathy and build on our community’s sense of pride.

After a successful Located Residency with National Theatre Wales, I went on to secure funding from Arts Council of Wales and MGCfutures to support the second research and development phase where we are focusing on writing the script and score for the piece. We are receiving mentorship in terms of dramaturgy and musical composition. I also received a Jerwood Bursary to support my research into verbatim theatre.

My ultimate aim is to create a full-length production that will tour regionally and rurally to small and mid-scale theatre venues, schools and community centres.




I’m currently directing third year BA Actors in The Edelweiss Pirates by Ayub Khan Din. Just before we started rehearsals we went into lockdown, but have continued our work online. The students are working to produce film responses to our process and the play.


I have created and am leading a year-long pilot programme focused on the professional and artistic development of Directors of colour, who are at the beginning to mid-stages of their career, and who demonstrate exceptional promise. Across the year, these directors will engage in practical activities and group discussion, covering topics such as: working with text, working with actors, working with a creative team movement direction, tech and dress and so much more.


This significant place-making project will be one of Bedford’s most ambitious cultural collaborations yet, making a national statement about Bedford’s engineering heritage through a creative enquiry into its identity as the historical centre of the UK’s airship industry and exploring imagined futures of flight and fantasy. I’ll be producing and presenting digital content to engage local, national and international communities with the project.

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