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5* reviews for Brown Boys Swim

"Whenever the boys are submerged below water, they’re so well choreographed that you almost forget there is no real liquid there"

★★★★ Guardian

"Kash is all bravado, launching himself into joyful bhangra dance routines and swimwear shopping with equal abandon. The story is given bags of atmosphere by James Button’s ingenious swimming pool set and Sita Thomas’s movement direction, which means the boys seem to float as they navigate unfamiliar waters."

★★★★ Financial Times

‘Sita Thomas’ stylised and occasionally synchronised choreography sees them suspend, frolic and dunk so artfully that we forget they are not actually in a pool!’

★★★★ Off/Stage

"The choreography of these young men at a swimming pool is clever and deftly done. At times I almost forgot there wasn't real water there."

★★★★ Broadway World

"The boisterous sounds of Desi bangers, including Panjabi MC’s Mundian to Bach Ke, fill the room as Kash playfully teases the audience with his slick bhangra moves. The choreography of the boys learning to swim is thought-out with precision – there’s no water but Kash and Mohsen really appear submerged and flailing as they attempt to float."

★★★★ Festmag

"The movement (Sita Thomas) is phenomenal, with the duo utterly convincing in their swimming attempts despite there being no water on stage at all."

★★★★ London Theatre 1

"The pool scenes, however, were beautifully choreographed."

★★★★ Fairy Powered Productions


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