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Director of Feature Film Go Tell The Bees

Presented by National Theatre Wales TEAM.

Developed from four years of conversations, and inspired by the 25th anniversary of the Sea Empress disaster, Go Tell the Bees is a film made by, with and for the people of Pembrokeshire that tells the story of our connection with the natural world and with each other.

There is a darkness on the horizon – something creeping closer which echoes a blackness that covered the land and the sea 25 years ago.

The bees, once our friends and confidantes, can sense the danger and are preparing to flee. Without them the Earth’s ecosystem and our communities will crumble.

One small child with a special connection to the natural world senses the danger. Join him on an epic journey as he travels Pembrokeshire with just twenty four hours to reconnect us with nature and with each other to help convince the bees to stay.

Go Tell the Bees is co-created by Naomi Chiffi, Di Ford, Sita Thomas and the people of Pembrokeshire.


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