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Guest leader for Young Vic Directors Program 'Storytelling in Sound'

"Storytelling in Sound is a series of three workshops aimed at exploring audio as a medium for creative expression for directors, theatre makers and sound designers. It unpacks the potential of sound to fiction storytelling, and demystifies some of processes and production of making work in audio formats.

The Storytelling in Sound workshop is aimed at those with experience of using audio as a key aspect of their practice and theatre language. Through the sessions, the participants will explore the potential of audio and be encouraged to think laterally and inventively about how they can create (short) audio pieces for podcasting, audio-blogging, social audio environments or elsewhere as a means of making work.

In each session, a leading industry professional to whom sound is fundamental to their work will give an insight into their processes and practice. The workshop series will take a holistic approach to shaping stories through audio, focussing on the interplay between dialogue, narrative structure, soundscape and music.

The sessions also offer participants the opportunity to present and talk about where they are in their own creative journey with audio, and explore and share ambitions for where they want to move next.

By the end of the Storytelling in Sound workshops series, participants will have gained an insight into the potential of audio formats and sound as a medium, advanced their understanding of the production of audio content, and received first-hand knowledge from working professionals to whom sound is at the core of their practice."


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