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Winter Sparks: creating joy in Riverside 2021-2022

Winter Sparks is a festive Zine making project created in partnership with Women Connect First, (‘A Charity to Empower Black and Minority Ethnic Women’) and Now in a Minute Media, ‘Independent Media by Welsh Muslims’. From December 2021 to February 2022, we ran weekly creative sessions at Riverside Warehouse. Our participants were a group of 11-16 year old predominantly Muslim girls from Riverside. Our focus was on sharing joy, connection and creativity in the Winter months.

Each session was facilitated by an inspiring Welsh Muslim practitioner, including photography with Lena Elghamry, journalism with Mariyah Zaman, comic illustration with Jessie begum and art with Nabila Zahra. The project culminated in the printing of a magazine created by the group featuring stories, artwork, recipes, and inspirational activities for wellbeing which we distributed through 400 letterboxes across Riverside.


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