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Welcome to my website!

I'm a director and presenter with a commitment to making a positive change in our cultural sector through my approach to leadership and collaboration. I aim to create meaningful, transformational experiences for audiences and participants in all of the work and projects I create. 


I am passionate about increasing representation of marginalised people and communities across theatre, TV, film and literature. Areas of interest that are central to my thinking at the moment are migration, climate justice, and work with LGBT+ and South Asian communities.

My commitment to sharing knowledge and supporting other artists comes to the fore in my mentorship for early-career diverse creatives, and I am leading Tamasha's Directors Programme that is focused on the professional and artistic development of exceptional ethnically diverse directors.


My work often incorporates live music and dance, and seeks to inspire empathy for the unknown and unfamiliar. I hope to create work that reflects the diverse world in which we live, that is rooted in knowledge from our past, and that presents positive, compassionate visions for our future.


On this website you can find out all about my previous experience, see examples of my work, and what I’m working on currently. Thanks for visiting and do feel free to get in touch. 

Sita x