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Lockdown digital projects

I'm a highly skilled digital facilitator. I have a home film studio set up where I use broadcast quality camera, light and sound equipment. I deliver engaging live workshops and festivals online, and energetic pre-recorded workshops. I've worked on both longer-term projects and one-off sessions for people of all ages and abilities. I am particularly passionate about working with people from historically marginalised groups due to their class, gender, ethnicity and sexuality. 

APRIL 2020

We were due to go into rehearsals for this third year BA Acting production of The Edelweiss Pirates by Ayub Khan Din when we went into the first lockdown. I was happy to continue our work online, and led the company for 5 weeks exploring the text, developing character, movement and music, with a combination of individual and ensemble work. I led the creation of 15 minute films for each student showcasing their creative responses and acting skills.

I was invited to curate and facilitate an online summer school for people aged 11-15. I ran a week with sessions from facilitators including Philip Morris, Ingrid MacKinnon, Remi Graves and Lily Arnold. I ran an audio drama session.


As well as the live workshops, I supported each facilitator in delivering 20 minute pre-recorded workshops that were shared with local schools and community groups. I edited each of these videos. 

August 2020

I was hired by Bedford Creative Arts to create a series of digital resources about Airships. I researched, scripted, filmed and edited videos including a documentary, science experiments, storytelling and crafts workshops, and unboxing videos with local community members. All of the videos can be found at

August 2020

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