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5* reviews for 'The Shoemaker' at Welsh National Opera

'Director Sita Thomas has turned the Weston Studio into a charged space: I was made to feel very welcome and I know work like this will get new, multicultural audiences in.

Recent events in Iran loom over things as the show progresses, with screenings of actual footage from protests both there and in the UK – The Shoemaker’s intention to stir us up already in flow by this moment.'

★★★★ buzz magazine

‘Congratulations to Welsh National Opera for bringing together refugee crisis groups and working with a variety of artists to bring to fruition a wonderful new opera, The Shoemaker. And this is not just an opera, but is performed among the audience and with rhythmic dance to complement the splendid singing.

Director Sita Thomas has pulled together a moving and relevant musical and dance ensemble to explore the story of refugees and how they are received in their new country.

What really enhances this scene is the dancers portraying the flames devouring her work. Also flashed up on a large screen behind the action are scenes from Iran to give a contemporary flavour to this ensemble piece about freedom, equality and justice.’

★★★★★ Morning Star


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