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Filming for Fly High Stories

Fly High Stories is a dynamic new voice in children’s media content.

They create accessible, engaging and heartfelt stories

for children which grownups also love.

All of Fly High Stories’ work can be defined by their one guiding principle,

‘Learning Through Laughing’.

They currently have a very exciting development slate of unique ideas which we can’t wait to share with audiences world-wide - literary dinosaurs, astronaut Dads, cats with blue tails, and time travelling Mums, our stories are full of quirky imagination.

Each episode follows the weekly calls between a father stuck in space and his son, mixed with dad jokes, poetry corner, Pips space facts, Pippy's arts and crafts section and the malfunctioning Super Computer At its heart DAD is about the relationship between a father and son, seperated for longer than planned, both are working hard to keep their connection alive. Cast includes: Sita Thomas, Phil Yarrow, Toby Barnett-Jones and Poppy Last


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