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Futures Theatre Workshops

Futures Theatre is a new writing company that celebrates women and their extraordinary lives.

Thrive began in 2018 as Futures Theatre's latest creative engagement programme working with women from marginalised backgrounds over 18 months. They give women the space to learn new creative skills, build self-worth, hear their voices and see themselves. They work with exceptional female theatre-makers who believe in what they do, with Futures staff's constant support.

I really enjoyed working with participants across four sessions, working with them to self-create their own audio dramas. The results were fantastic, with each person writing, performing, editing and creating their own audio soundscapes, sound effects and foley.

Who Futures Theatre work with:

Coin Street Community Builders – working with young women with complex needs

Gaia Centre – working with women who have lived with violence

Women’s Trust - women with experience of domestic violence

EVA Women’s Aid - supporting survivors of domestic abuse


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