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Guest on Creative Cardiff Podcast

In the third episode of the third series of Get a ‘Proper’ Job, host Kayleigh Mcleod talks to Gillian Mitchell; Chief Executive of National Youth Arts Wales and Dr Sita Thomas; a Theatre Maker, Channel 5 Milkshake Presenter, Artistic Director of Fio, Creative Associate at Wales Millennium Centre, and also a Trustee at the Young Vic Theatre and Emergency Exits Arts. They discuss leadership and the creative and cultural industries, diversity within leadership roles, and what qualities make a great leader.

During the episode, Sita shares her passion for leadership, and explains what she looks for in a leader: I think everyone can and could be inspired, and even should be a leader in their day to day lives... For me, in terms of what makes a really good leader, I like it when I can really believe in someone. Like… Wow! I absolutely believe in you because everything that you say publicly and internally is backed up by actual action.

They also discuss diversity within leadership and the impact that creates. Gillian explains: “I think there is just a confidence issue and a visibility issue. But talking about women, it's the same question, isn't it about diversity? We need to see more of that at the ‘Top’ (in inverted commas), in order to change that at the ‘Bottom’, and I just don't think we ever need to take our foot off the pedal.”

This episode was recorded remotely in August 2021.


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