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Sita directs 'Landing Bolts' in Cardiff 2022

Landing Bolts is a new show created by early-career Welsh Global Majority creatives. 17 year old Ash is dealing with the pressures of looming exams when she meets a group of queer girl skaters. Against the backdrop of Priti Patel's Nationality and Borders Bill being passed, how will this group navigate their longing for freedom against social constraints?

Here’s what some of the creative team had to say about their experience in Research and Development for Landing Bolts in August 2022:

“This is so powerful. We need to take it everywhere and show what impact we have together as a team of talented people who care about and are passionate about this” - Duke Al Durham

“This process has truly been so joyous for me. Each day I’ve felt excitement about coming into the space and sharing in everyone's energy and talent. This has been such a safe space and one that has set the bar for the rest of my career, I’m obsessed with the group of people!!” - Onyx Uwandulu


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