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Sita directs 'The Shoemaker' for Welsh National Opera

The Shoemaker is a powerful story about resilience, endurance, power, and compassion with timeless relevance. In partnership with Oasis Cardiff and Fio.

Isabella diligently shapes, stiches and creates shoes for people who have decided to leave their country to pursue a different future. Leaving a storm of hatred, injustice, oppression and war, a series of individuals journey off the beaten path in the hope of finding safety, equality, and freedom. But when they arrive in the promised land, they come face to face with a disgruntled King and soon realise that their troubles are not yet over.

An exhilarating fusion of Latin American, Persian, and Western classical musical influences weave together to enhance the storytelling, guiding the audience through this standing performance.

A compelling show that will stop you in your tracks. #WNOshoemaker


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